Friday, September 30, 2011

Assignments for Friday, 9/30

Discrete Math:
Today was a flexible attendance day for those students with an 80% or higher.
The assignment is found on Moodle and consists of:
1) A Pencast with notes for today's lesson.
2) A vocabulary quiz.
3) A reading assignment from the book about the Four Color Problem.
4) A book assignment 3-2: 5, 7-9, 17, 20-21, 24, 29, 33

Algebra II:
Today was a review day.  We practiced graphing and writing equations for absolute value functions, including a timed practice quiz.  Then students prepped their math knowledge and test taking skills on 16 problems from a previous year's ACT test.  There is no assignment outside of class this weekend.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Assignments for Thursday, 9/29

Discrete Math:
We continued our study of graph theory.
Assignment is 3-1: 29-38
Friday is a Flex Day for those students with 80% or higher.  Check Moodle for the day's assignments.

Algebra II:
Today we studied the graphs of absolute value functions.
Assignment is 2-5: 2-3, 9-13, 28-32, 42, 51-52, 70, 72, 81

I was pleased with the turnout Wednesday after school, you guys worked hard doing what it takes to retake a test.  Thanks also to those students who were unable to come, but have spent extra time before school and at seminar seeking help. Your continued effort will yield success on your test retakes, and set you up for continued success in our new topics.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Assignments for Wednesday, 9/28

Discrete Math:
Test today over Fair Division. Tomorrow we continue our study of graph theory.  If you are missing assignments on Moodle, it's not to late to get them done.  Flex day Friday if you have 80% or higher.

Algebra II:
Quiz today over 2:1-3, functions and linear equations.  The assignment following the quiz is
2-4: 8, 11-13, 21;  and pg. 86:1-3.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Assignments for Tuesday, 9/27

Discrete Math:
Today we began our study of graph theory, a type of math that is used to map relationships and minimize costs.  For example, companies use graph theory to optimize employee travel by minimizing cost and travel time.  Assignment 3-1: 1-16, 19-26
NOTE: Test tomorrow over Fair Division.
Algebra II:
Today we explore the creation and application of linear models to real world examples.  The assignment is to complete the following packet:
NOTE: Quiz tomorrow over C2:1-3

Monday, September 26, 2011

Assignments for Monday, 9/26

Discrete Math:
Today we took a practice quiz to review two methods of fair division: estate division and apportionment.  Quizzes and tests from voting methods were returned.  No assignment tonight other than to review and prepare for a test over fair division methods on Wednesday.

Algebra II:
We continued our review of direct variation and prepared for our quiz on Wednesday.
Assignment: 2-3: 17-31 odds, 41-47 odds, 60-64 all, 65-71 odds.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Assignments for Friday, 9/23

Discrete Math:
Today we discussed the case of dividing a cake equally among hungry people using a mathematical method that insures everyone receives what they feel is their "fair share."  The assignment is a series of 9 questions (on a worksheet) that imagine different scenarios and methods - some fair, some not.

Algebra II:
Today we reviewed answers from yesterdays packet on linear equations, then everyone took a 2-question quiz.  After, we took notes on Direct Variation, which is exactly the same as the linear equation y = mx + b, except b is always zero.  That and mathematicians change the m to k.  It's the same thing, it just looks different: y = kx.  I don't know why we do this, but it certainly provides another reason why some don't like math!  The assignment is 2-3:1-16.

As a reminder, if you desire additional review, try some on-line practice:
Go to
·            Video Tutor code age-0104 (chapter 1, section 4)
·            Lesson Quizzes code aga-0104 (chapter 1, section 4)
·            Chapter Tests code aga-0152 (chapter 1)
Have a good weekend all!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Assignments for Thursday, 9/22

Discrete Math:
Flex day today.  Go to Moodle and read the article "Dividing a Cake."

Algebra II:
Today is a review day.  We'll be working through a series of problems in this review packet:
Answers to the review packet are here:
Mini-quiz tomorrow: 2 problems, functions and linear equations.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Assignments for Wednesday, 9/21

Discrete Math:
Today we learned about two methods to divide representation in a governmental body, the Hamilton method and the Jefferson method.  Assignment: apportionment worksheet and correct answers located on Moodle.  Tomorrow is a flex day.  Read the article called "Dividing a Cake."

Algebra II:
Today we continued our review of linear equations by exploring the point-slope form and the similarity and differences between parallel and perpendicular lines.  We also practiced using our calculators to graph lines, verify equations, and find intersections.
Assignment: 2-2: 20-25, 27-37 odds, 42-44, 54-59.
Our next quiz is scheduled for Wednesday of next week.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Assignments for Tuesday, 9/20

Discrete Math:
Today was a flex day.  The assignment on Moodle involved answering a series of follow-up questions to our Introduction to Fair Division Activity yesterday.

Algebra II:
Today we reviewed graphs of straight lines: slopes, the slope-intercept equation, standard form, point-slope, and how to graph each of these equations using both old fashioned pencil and paper methods and calculator methods.  The assignment is 2-2: 1-10, 15-18, 45-47, 51-53, 91-93, 98.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Assignments for Monday, 9/19

Discrete Math:
We began our study of Fair Division with a group activity.  Each group had three scenarios to puzzle through: the division of food among children, the division of a house in an estate among heirs, and the division of seats in a governmental body among districts.  Following the discussion, we learned the "Method of Sealed Bids," a way to divide an estate so each heir feels they receive their fair share.
Assignment: pg. 562-4: 3-4, 7-10, 13-16. I recommend reading pages 556-562 prior to the assignment.
Tuesday is a flex day.  There is a Moodle assignment to do which requires you answer a series of questions about the Intro Activity you did with your group.

Algebra II:
Today we learned the three views of a function: table, mapping diagram, graph.
The assignment is 2-1: 12-21, 30-31, 36, 38-39, 43-47, 50-57, 63, 73, 75

Friday, September 16, 2011

Assignments for Friday 9/13

Discrete Math:
Test today, No weekend assignment, Enjoy!
On Monday, we will begin learning about "Fair Division."  Be prepared for brainstorming and discussion.
We will also determine the winners of the Haiku contest for energy drinks, review the schedule for Flex/Moodle for this unit, and review everyone's grade status thus far.

Algebra II:
Test today over our first chapter about solving equations and inequalities!
Weekend assignment is: read pages 55-56 and do 2-1: 5-11, 32-35.
We will cover all of this and more on Monday.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Assignments for 9/15

Discrete Math:
Test tomorrow, review materials located on Moodle.  Also check yesterday's blog post.

Algebra II:
Test tomorrow.  Check yesterday's blog post for materials.
If you desire additional review, try some on-line practice:
Go to
·            Video Tutor code age-0104 (chapter 1, section 4)
·            Lesson Quizzes code aga-0104 (chapter 1, section 4)
·            Chapter Tests code aga-0152 (chapter 1)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Assignments for 9/14

Discrete Math:
Today we continued our discussion of weighted voting systems.  The Shapley-Shubik index measures a voters power by considering how winning coalitions are formed as well as how often a voter is critical to that winning coalition.  The Shapley-Shubik index is an alternative to the Bahnzaf Power Index.  Both measure the power of a voter, but in different ways.
Today's assignment: 10-OFI: 9-10 plus calculate the S-S Index and BP Index for each voter.
Tomorrow is a flex attendance day.  Check your Moodle assignment ( for a Test Review package and answer key.
Chapter Test on Friday.
NOTE: to participate in this class, each student needs a signed application AND needs to be enrolled in Moodle by Friday start of class.  Those not meeting this requirement CANNOT pass the class so will be rescheduled into a different class.

Algebra II:
Today we finished reviewing methods to solve absolute value equations.
Assignment: 1-5: 15-27 odds, 28-32 evens, 44-47, 54-56, 58-60, 68-69
Tomorrow is chapter review day, Friday is the Chapter 1 Test.
Chapter Review Problems:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Assignments for 9/13

Discrete Math:
Today we learned about weighted voting, where some people have more votes than others.  This is actually very common.  Think law or medical practices where senior partners have more voting power than junior partners or owners with lower levels of investment in the business.  If you have money invested in a mutual fund, the number of votes you have parallels the amount you have invested.
Today's assignment: 10-3: 1-14, 17-18, 23, 27, 29-33, 37, 41
Today's quiz over 10:1-2 was delayed till tomorrow (Wed) due to some student's difficulties logging into Moodle and retrieving the review list.
The next Flex day is Thursday; Friday is our scheduled day for the chapter 10 test.

Algebra II:
After a short review of solving absolute value equations, students took their first quiz which covered 1:2-4.
Today's assignment: 1-5:3-9 odds, 10-15, 35-39 odds.
Friday is our scheduled day for the chapter 1 test.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Parent Open House - Recap

Thanks to all my parents, guardians and people who love their math students, for coming to the open house tonight and paying me a visit.  I enjoyed meeting you all and sharing a little bit about the great math going on here at CP.  Sorry I didn't have hard copies of the syllabi, but I'm trying to save trees by minimizing my use of paper.  Here they are in digital form:
Discrete Math:

Algebra II:

Thanks again for coming to the open house!  Feel free to contact me at any time!

Assignments for Monday, 9/12

Discrete Math:
Today was our first Flexible Attendance day.  Check Moodle for the day's assignment:

Algebra II:
Our first quiz is tomorrow, covering sections 2-4 from Chapter 1. If you would like extra practice, you can go online:
For the video tutor, use code age-0104 (chapter 1, section 4)
For practice quizzes, use code aga-0104 (chapter 1, section 4)
For practice tests, use code aga-0152 (chapter 1)
Keep in mind: no quiz retakes!  So make sure you are prepared and do your best, do it right the first time!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Assignments for Friday, 9/9

What a great first week of mathematics!  I am very pleased with the effort and enthusiasm of my classes! I think we're off to a great start!  If there is anything we need to work on, it's making sure we're using the time at the end of class to get our assignments started, and to make sure our conversations are happening (and NOT happening) at the right times.  Have a great weekend, I'm looking forward to more good math next week!

Discrete Math:
Today we asked and discussed the question "Is there a perfect voting method?" Each voting method has advantages and disadvantages.  Choose the method that best works in your favor!
Today's assignment is twofold:
   1) 10-2: 1-11 odds from the book, and
   2) Enroll in the Discrete Math Moodle class and do the assigned forums (due next Thursday).
We will be having our first Flexible Attendance day on Monday; all students are eligible and may opt out of attending this day.  Remember that just because attendance is optional does not mean there isn't any work to do!  Check Moodle for an assignment.  It will be labeled with the day's date, and may be posted early.
Upcoming: Quiz and Test next week.

Algebra II:
Today's lesson revolved around solving inequalities.  Inequalities are just like equations, except instead of an "=" sign, they have a "<" or a ">".  Inequalities are solved just like equations, unless you multiply or divide by a negative number, then you have to switch the direction of the inequality.  It's easier than it sounds!
Today's assignment is 1-4: 3-17 odds, 18-24 evens, 27, 31, 41, 44, 47, 50, 62, 64, 67.
Upcoming: Quiz next Tuesday over week 1's material, Test next Friday over chapter 1.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Assignments for Thursday, 9/8

Discrete Math
More voting methods today!  We learned about the Plurality with Elimination and Pairwise Comparison methods.  There are many different ways to choose and rank candidates, which method is the best?  Is there a perfect method?  That's what we'll be discussing tomorrow!  
Today's assignment is 10-1: 5-6, 9-10, 21-22, 33-34, 39-42.

Algebra II
Today was Story Problem day!  We reviewed d=rt (distance = rate x time), ratio and number problems. Story problems are tough as it's difficult to turn words into equations.  But that's OK, a challenge is good for the mind!  
Here's the assignment: 1-3: 29-35, 48-54

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Assignments for Wednesday, 9/7

In Discrete Math, we discussed three different methods of voting for and ranking candidates: Majority, Plurality, and Borda Count.
Today's assignment is 10-1: 5-6, 9-10, 21-22, 33-34, 39-42 and an answer to the question "Which of today's three methods is most fair?"

In Algebra II, we reviewed the process of solving equations.
Today's assignment is 1-3: 2, 8, 10, 14, 16-28, 38, 40

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

9/6/2011 First Day of Math Classes

Today's Discrete Math class was all about beginning our exploration of Election Theory.  We did an activity to determine different methods of ranking the class's most to least favorite Energy Drinks.  Write-ups of how your group ranked the energy drinks is due tomorrow.  Here's a link to the assignment if you need it:
Discrete Math Syllabus:

In today's Algebra II class, students received Books, Notebooks, Notes and their first assignment
(1-2: 4-5, 8, 15, 20, 32, 35-46, 48-50) which is a review of Order of Operations, Distributive Property, Combining Like Terms, and few other miscellaneous things.  If you are interested in seeing the syllabus and today's notes, follow the links:
Algebra II Syllabus:
Notes from 1-2:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Countdown: 4 days to go!

Four more days of summer before school starts!  I'm excited to get back to school and get back into the routine.  I look forward to meeting my new students, hearing about your summer adventures, and to get learning!  It's an important year for all my Algebra II juniors as we'll be working hard and furiously to get you prepared for the MME next spring.  It seems so far away and yet it will come so quickly!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and see you Tuesday!